Why We Need a New Boy Band

In June, Simon Cowell announced he would be holding open call auditions to find the next big boy band. In an attempt to capture the lightning-in-a-bottle phenomenon that Cowell once…

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Orion Sun Shines Bright

“Hold on, you gotta see this,” Philly-born, Los Angeles-based singer Orion Sun tells me. We had been chatting for a long while over Zoom about life, music and weed, and…

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Ralphie Choo Is Blasting Off

A supernova is a stellar explosion that shakes space so much that it can be detected far away from its location — a solid metaphor for Ralphie Choo's first album.…

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Ricardo Gomes, Madonna’s Second Set of Eyes

“No photography was permitted” during Madonna’s surprise appearance at Ladyland 2024’s Vogue House Ball in Brooklyn. That is, unless your name was Ricardo Gomes, the Queen of Pop’s go-to photographer…

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